Diego Briceño
Cuiba Media Inc.
Producer, Writer, Media Artist, Pitch Consultant


CUIBA MÉDIA Inc. is a new media company founded by Diego Briceño to create artistic, useful and meaningful cross-platform content for local and international markets. Since its inception in Montreal, Canada, CUIBA has co-produced or collaborated with production companies, independent creators and non-profit organizations in Canada, Europe and Latin America. Most of CUIBA’s projects converge linear and nonlinear approaches to propose new alternatives at the intersecting nodes of the environment, technology and the arts.

Diego Briceño is a Colombian-born media maker with over 20 years experience as a producer, director, concept developer and editor on social documentaries, fiction and cross-media in Montreal. He holds a BFA degree in Cinema (Film Production) and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies and Design Art Practice both from Concordia University. Driven by narrative, ethics and collaboration, his work often focuses on issues of exploitation, the environment and North-South relations. He has directed and/or produced 8 documentary projects, including a television series and an interactive project plus one short fiction, which have all played in television and shown at national and international film festivals. Through his company Cuiba Media, he specializes in the co-development of cross-media projects with a strong international appeal. He is co-founder and current president of Makila, a non-profit media incubation platform and is co-creator and lead developer of the Cuban Hat Project, a grassroots documentary pitching contest that has been featured at events such as RIDM (Montreal), Hot Docs (Toronto), IDFA (Amsterdam), Sunny Side of the Docs (La Rochelle). He also sits on the board of the Alter-cine Foundation which provides financial support to documentary filmmakers in the global South.