Stefan Verna
Director, Writer, DoP


Stefan Verna is Montreal based filmmaker whose creations explore many genres such as documentary, fiction, music videos and dance films. His deep interest in Hip Hop Culture, Black Cinema and Politics fuels his body of work. ‘Poeticizing our pain’ describes both his process and the impact he seeks with his filmmaking. In 2016, he co-founded Black on Black Films, a collective for Black filmmakers in Quebec.

His previous films are: Ice Storm Cabaret , Chocolate City, Poetry in Motion, Diversidad: a Roadtrip to Deconstruct Diner , Drawing Blank, MONtreal: Jazz Stories. Metamorh (2020), He is presently completing his second documentary feature called NOMAD’S LAND: a documentary Rhyme, directing NIGHT WATCHES US at the NFB and in developing a feature film On Thin Ice with Loaded Pictures.