Axel Laroche


Born in Montreal, Axel Laroche is a Canadian screenwriter with Haitian roots. He holds a bachelor's degree in art, consisting of a certificate in cinematographic scriptwriting and a major degree in art history. His work led him to the co-writing of a feature film Matadero which was the subject of a SODEC grant in 2014. This scriptwriting project led him to work on the documentary project Le Pillage and was notably supported by the movie festival Les Percéides in 2015 which finished in 2nd position in the Cuban-Hat doc circuit pitch competition fr the RIDM in 2016. The stories of these two films address, among other things, questions related to systemic racism that exists in the Dominican Republic. In his work, Axel tackles subjects linked to the human condition, to inequalities and often seeks to create a contrast between the different realities. Recently he worked on the writing of two short fiction films. The first, Capsule, is a thought-provoking sci-fi tale on artistic creation and the management of emotions, while the second, La Récréation, is a dramatic story addressing the theme of control through a boy relationship with his father. In 2021, he obtained the Netflix scholarship to study in the MIXTE - Documentary and Fiction program at Inis. With a course which also includes 5 years of experience in classical violin, 2 years of rock drums and several years of practice of abstract and surrealist drawing, Axel is also a multidisciplinary artist.