Makila is a non-profit solidarity cooperative based in Montreal, Canada. Its members draw on a diversity of skills, backgrounds, and interests. We offer our co-op members:

  • Full access to our collaborative incubation sessions, mentorships and workshops
  • Contribution in video equipment and other resources for project development
  • Preferential rates hiring fellow members and services
  • Production and development budgets, contracts and administrative services
  • Distribution representation at markets and festivals
  • Shared digital tools and hosting
  • Whatever else we decide together

To apply to become a co-op member, write us a short message:


As a solidarity co-op, Makila also has support members. These are members that strengthen Makila’s mandate by hiring our members or providing our members with preferential rates. To our support members, we offer:

  • Exclusive or priority access to our events and projects.
  • Ideation and concept development services for linear, interactive, transmedia and gaming media
  • Production of films, documentaries, fiction or experimental, and institutional vidéo for multiple platforms.
  • Pitching and crowdfunding coaching of arts and media projects.
  • Adapted trainings, mentorships and workshops on media making.
  • Streaming and video captation for live events.

To request more information about becoming a Support member, write us:


Through our projects, events and member base, we provide the following services to non-member users:

  • Participation in a limited range of our project enhancing events.
  • Opportunities to connect and meet with partners and potential collaborators.
  • An online hub to find, track and support passionate media makers and their unfinished projects.
  • A collection of relevant and uncompromising creator-driven films and media experiences for a fair price.
  • Trainings, mentorships and workshops opportunities on all aspects of media making.

To join us as a User member:

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