Stop the assembly lines!

Media-workers of the world, a historic moment is upon us: from scribes to bloggers, from Lumière’s first cinematographe to the latest camera-phone, the means of production and distribution are back in our hands! For decades, even centuries, a few have tried to limit, distort, and manufacture what we see and hear. Those who hold the keys to the Factory are still trying to keep the gears replicating sugarcoated distractions, offering false hope, masking self-interest. But the walls of the Large Media Factory are cracking, and we, the people who run and feed the machines, are poised to strike open its doors in the Digital Revolution. Our eyes are open to the great potential of this existing infrastructure, and our hands are ready with the skills and tools necessary to pilot it into a new era. By appropriating the Factory, we propose a new model of production – one to incubate, produce, and share meaningful content; to return value to the creative and collaborative effort of media-workers; to answer the needs and demands of a diverse global audience; and to take ownership of the role we can collectively play in defense of our environment and the common good of our fellow citizens. We are interdependent, not just independent.

We are Makila.

As Makila, we commit to:


Work for fair pay, fair recognition, and equitable say – break the traditional model of owners hip and redefine authorship


Build an environment that stimulates spontaneity, collaboration, and reciprocity


Create truthful, artful, and useful media


Use cost-efficient means available in our environment and community


Develop new tools, and distribute the knowledge to use them


Free our work from constraints of genre, formula and format


Explore alternative means of funding


Express and exploit our socio-cultural diversity


Produce open-ended and interactive projects; our audience are active users, not mere consumers


Establish an entertaining multimedia platform to showcase our work and our users’ contributions


Embrace imperfection while continuing to question and to improve our model


Share our model and foster the exchange of experiences with like-minded groups, clients and strategic allies


Promote, and celebrate Makila’s ideals and values

Signed at Makila’s foundation on September 25, 2008