Hectarium is a real-time strategy game where players depend on their current share of farmland on Earth to survive.


If we divide all agricultural land on Earth among all human beings, we would each have less than 0.7 hectares, the size of a soccer field. So what would you do as a consumer if you had to manage your own share of land? Could you generate enough food to live well off this land? And, how could you make sure it continues to be productive for generations to come?

Hectarium is a real-time strategy game for mobile phones where players are given the mission to survive and improve their food consumption by living off their share of global farmland. The player’s farmland -called the Hectarium- represents the main crops and animals currently produced on Earth, each located in a unique country and maintained by a distinct local farmer.

To achieve their mission, players have to make decisions on the products consumed seasonally, manage their monthly food budget and interact with the farmers throughout an accelerated year-round production cycle. During each year cycle, Player will have to respond to unexpected market and environmental events and fluctuations by reallocating resources and money or adjusting priorities. At the end of each year, players will be rewarded with a increase in wallet money if they manage to decrease their Greenhouse Gas emissions and water consumption and to maintain their soil healthy and productive.

Year after year, the Hectarium will gradually shrink in size due to the predicted population growth and loss of farmlands around the world while events become more challenging and technologies become more sophisticated.

Players will also have access to a co-op store where they can find “real life” information on current food, farming and environmental issues that may enhance their gameplay. They can also buy or trade goods and technologies using their wallet, customize their profile or review their game history.

The final goal is to achieve a series of benchmarks throughout the years and obtain a maximum score by 2081, the year zero, hopefully with near zero GHS emissions and sufficient food and fresh water for the player and billions of humans more.


Canada Media Fund

Medienboard (Berlin-Brandenburg)

Canada Council for the Arts

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Earth Economics (USA)


90-120 min