Words Left Unspoken

After avoiding speaking at all cost for over two decades, Joze Piranian, a severe stutterer, decides to confront his fears.

On May 30th 2017, Joze took the stage at Speaker Slam, an inspirational speaking competition, where he spoke about the pain caused by his stuttering and the negative reactions of others in the face of his invisible disability. As the audience rose from their seats to congratulate him with a standing ovation, he didn’t feel ashamed of his stutter for the first time in his life. He’s now convinced that becoming a full-time speaker will set him free from over 20 years of pain. On the other end of the Atlantic Ocean, in Lebanon, Joze’s parents, Corinne and Alexis, learn about their son’s struggle with anxiety and depression caused by his severe speech impediment for the first time while watching a video he shared on social media. Words Left Unspoken follows Joze as he makes peace with his stutter and the elements that led him to spend the first two decades of his life avoiding speaking at all cost. By revisiting his past, he will finally confront the situations which contributed to his trauma and engage in the conversations he never dared to have before. By speaking openly, Joze will finally be able to free himself from the difficult memories that have long held him back and we will witness his transformation as he finds his voice and shares his experiences with the world to celebrate the truly exceptional person that he has become.
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Stuttering is a topic that needs more exposure. Compared to other types of disabilities, stuttering is "invisible", we do not see the impediment until after we’ve reacted, often in ways we’re not proud of, with impatience, irritability, and a lack of understanding. These reactions are hurtful even if they are often unintentionally so. Words Left Unspoken is a film that goes beyond the disability while following a subject whose entire life has been affected and compromised by his stutter.
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