Family Farm

The turning point for the countryside, seen from the inside of my family's farm.


Family Farm is the intimate story of a difficult transition of the farm between my parents and my two brothers. Today, this size of farm faced two choices: sell or grow. With my two brothers taking over, we're betting on second choice, but it's not without risk. The debt is high, the price of milk is unstable and my parents are getting old.

Family farm starts in a routine over the seasons. We observe the actions of my family members, their relationship with each other, animals and the land. Gradually, the difficulties on the farm are revealed: long moments of weekly accounting, buying cows at an bankrupt farm auctions and meeting with different stakeholders all holding a performance-oriented agro-industry discourse. With the instability of farm prices, growing is presented as the only solution, but it’s vain. New technologies barely reduce the workload, which increases with the size of the herd. My family members reveal themselves through scenes where the integration of these new methods and technologies are not made by choice, but more by obligation. The bigger the equipment gets, the more we feel that they are losing control in favour of a recipe to be followed imposed by the players of the agro-industry and the defenders of free trade.

Family Farm highlights the insidious mechanism that, with debt and standards, pushes farms to adopt agro-industrial methods. Agriculture can no longer guarantee enough income for a farmer to buy a farm. If my two brothers can still take over today, I doubt they will be able to pass the Quiko farm to their own children. What is at stake is the end of the family farm and the identity of the countryside in favour of an industrial park.


Aude Leroux-Lévesque/Conseillère à la scénarisation


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We are in front of the last few years of what is known as the family farm in Quebec. Our rural territory, the sovereignty of farmers over their farms and, at the same time, our food sovereignty is at stake. Through my family, I have privileged access to this world. Family Farm offers the possibility to approach the subject in a sensitive way from the point of view of those at the centre of this threat.

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