An interactive multi-episode web series that explores the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the field of arts.


Through outstanding technologists, thinkers and artists, we will ask: What is creativity? Is it a uniquely human trait? For us who take in, critique and buy art, is it important that it be of human origin?

Each episode will explore AI’s entry into a different art form. Integrated into the viewing experience will be short interactive experiences with functional AI, where users guide machines through the composition of original music, the writing of poems and the painting of pictures.

What will be the art created by the machines? How will it affect the way we create, produce and communicate? Can a computer compose music, write books or paint pictures like Bach, Shakespeare or Rembrandt? If it can, is it possible that AI will render human artists obsolete? What effect would that have on the world of art critics or the buying and selling of art? Who is the author of a piece of art generated through AI? In designing creative robots, what are we learning about human creativity? is currently in development as a coproduction between Gusano Films (Colombia) and Cuiba Media Inc. (Canada) with the support of Canada Media Fund and Proimagenes Colombia, in collaboration with Taller Estampa (Spain) and Makila (Canada).

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0-10 min

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