Justin Diezmo


Justin Diezmo is a Filipino-Canadian writer and director from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Growing up in a newly immigrated family pushed his drive to bring his culture and personal stories to the screen. With experience in cinematography as well, his body of work ranges from narrative films (Home for One, Roses Are Dead) and documentary shorts (As Niagara Falls, The Walrus Whisperer). All with a cumulative total of nearly 150k views and some projects reaching national status and widespread media coverage. He has also completed work for shy kids, United Way Toronto and even alongside Oscar winning producers, Bunbury Films, on CBC’s The Nature of Things. In 2017, he co-founded the production company Mayday Pictures and graduated Ryerson University’s Film Studies in 2019. With a fascination in societal themes and qualms, Justin tends to gravitate towards stories with lasting ideas that complement and critique the world we live in.

His newest project, a narrative short named ‘finger’, is awaiting a wide festival and online release in the coming year.

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