Development Inkubator 2020

Writing and development Lab for projects


In 2020, Makila launches a cycle of inkubators to support its members, as well as emerging creators from Montreal’s cultural diversity, to stimulate the advancement of their media arts projects. Projects of all genres, formats and platforms are accepted, linear or not: series, interactive and multiplatform media, short or feature length, documentary, fiction, experimental or hybrid formats.

Priority for admission will be given to members of the cooperative, but a few places will be allocated to non-member creators. A call for submissions will be launched in February in order to recruit 2 to 4 external projects - fiction, documentary and multimedia - to join the current Makila projects. All participants will have access to 6 co-development sessions with peers, as well as to private meetings with mentors and Makila equipment at a reduced member price. The goal is to bring projects to their full potential through a reciprocal peer-to-peer exchange strategy, also involving the participation of the public and a community of media arts partners.


This year there will be three Inkubators running in parallel, the first starting in February and ending in the fall (with a one-month break in the summer). The cycle lasts six months, at the rate of one monthly meeting. The meeting lasts about 2.5 hours and each participant has approximately half an hour to present and discuss their project.

Each group has a maximum of five participants, including a "senior" member who participates with his/her project and chairs the meetings.

The meetings unfold according to Makila's “pitch and patch” model. Basically: we work on the strengths (pitch) and weaknesses (patch) of each project, with short and long-term objectives. Usually the first meeting establishes the objectives that each project will set for the end of the cycle. At the end of a cycle, each participant has a file ready for the next step: written summary or oral pitch, visual file or moodboard, prototype or trailer, scenario or treatment depending on the stage of the project.

The meetings will take place either in our premises at the Grover building (2025 rue Parthenais), or at the workshop of our support member Topo (5445 De Gaspé # 608), or at the home of one of “senior” members. This will be decided according to the participants and the member who oversees.

Starting in April, all incubating projects will be entitled to four hours of private mentoring with an experienced member or with an expert depending on the needs of the project.

At the end of the year, we will organize a pitch and networking event for the projects. This event is inspired by our Cuban Hat contest at the RIDM Forum and it will connect the projects that are ready with producers, distributors, partners and other players in the community.

Registration fee

The registration fee for non-member is $ 50 for the six meetings, that is to say $ 10 per meeting plus one free. The fee for members of the cooperative is $ 25. Non-members who do not know the Inkubator can participate in the first meeting as observers, and decide afterwards whether they want to register and continue. Once registered, the member cannot miss more than one meeting, but will have the opportunity to attend that of another Inkubation group to catch up, if necessary.


Non-member creators will have most of the benefits of a cooperative member for the duration of the Inkubator, including access to professional member services and discounted member equipment. Other benefits include the use of the platform, Makila's Vimeo Pro account (20 GB of upload per week) and the possibility of attending all the networking and training events offered by Makila to its members . Documentary projects will also be eligible to participate in the Cuban Hat pitch as part of the RIDM in November 2020.

Non-member creators will not have the right to attend the administrative or operational activities of the cooperative, nor will they have the right to vote or be elected to paid positions within the organization.

Mentor members

The three mentor members or "headmasters" in charge of this cycle of incubators will be:

Juan Andrés Arango (fiction):

Diego Briceño (documentary, hybrid formats and mixed media):

Jesse Freeston (documentary and journalism):

Feb 3 — Oct 19, 2020
Submission of projects
Mar 19 — Apr 3, 2019



For Makila members + a few places open to non-members


Film, television, web and multimedia projects in the development phase