Writing Lab 2020 - March to October

Writing and development Lab for projects


The next Inkubator will start in March 2020. A call for submissions will be launched in January in order to recruit 2 to 4 external projects - fiction, documentary and multimedia - to join the current Makila projects.

The Inkubator's groups are composed of senior members and emerging creators who meet on a monthly basis during six months, to discuss their projects, set goals and encourage each other. Moreover, Makila wishes to offer a handful of hours of private mentorship to each candidate.

Our Coop's work is based on collaboration and reciprocity, and we encourage artists from cultural and sexual diversity.

Mar 16 — Oct 19, 2020
Submission of projects
Mar 19 — Apr 3, 2019



For Makila members + a few places open to non-members


Film, television, web and multimedia projects in the development phase